• Conference about IOT and sustainability

    Brussels. April 2017, 26th



    IOT and Circular Economy

    IOT can be considered as the key for the development of a circular economy. A circular economy is aiming at productivity growth with reduced waste consumption and CO2 emissions.

    Industrial IOT and Smart Factories

    IOT is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with new technologies to manage production and apply predictive maintenance. This panel of experts will discuss the concrete benefits of IIOT and the latest technologies in development. We will discuss with experts how IIOT can be used to share factory assets and increase productivity.

    Smart Energy

    IOT is closely linked with Smart Energy. Today, IOT solutions can monitor and manage energy usage bringing Smart Energy in our life.

    Future IOT Regulations

    Government representatives will give key answers on what is the role of Governments in the development of IOT and what are the regulations of using IOT.

    IOT and Artificial Intelligence

    IOT and Artificial intelligence can bring new sustainable solutions for your business. A group of experts will explain what Big Data mean for sustainability and how they can improve your business activities.

    IOT and Smart Cities

    IOT solutions can enhance the development of Smart Cities by monitoring energy consumption, managing water system, improving public transportation, and creating efficient services for the citizens.

    IOT and Smart Homes

    IOT involves in the development of Smart Homes.

    Smart Homes include appliances that are able to communicate each other and can be controlled remotely by commands. The functionality of Smart Homes is to provide energy efficiency and comfort.

    IOT and Supply Chain

    IOT can bring intelligent solutions for the development of a Smart Supply Chain. A group of experts will analyze how we can manage an efficient Supply Chain by monitoring and controlling data.

    IOT and Air Quality

    IOT can manage to change air quality in our cities. We will discuss with experts how we can improve our life by monitoring and controlling air quality.

  • Interaction for GOOD

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    Diversity for GOOD

    Many different perspectives will be invited to share their standpoint

    Government, Universities, Associations, Large companies, Start-ups, Industry Experts, NGOs

    What we want do


    Debate about challenges, questions, boundaries, opportunities, future prospects and ideas

    How we want to do it

    1 moderator, 3-4 speakers

    Share knowledge, broaden horizons, explain topics, find answers, open questions from audience

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